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Why Airbrush Make-up?

Rosalyn Carballo Make-up

In the recent years, airbrush make-up has been the staple especially for bridal make-up. and as such, I would like to answer the usual questions we get about airbrush make-up.

What is airbrush make-up?

AIRBRUSH MAKEUP is make-up that is sprayed onto the face/body using an airbrush system. It uses the same airbrush technology as  what is normally used for painting. The airbrush system consists of a compressor (the air source), an airbrush gun (the tool used to spray color onto a surface) and an air hose which connects the compressor to the gun.

The main advantage of using airbrush make-up over traditional is it's sheer or thin texture despite providing full coverage (see before and after photos of an actual work on one of my clients.) With the use of an airbrush gun, the make-up is applied thinly and as evenly as possible. It only takes about 8-12 drops of airbrush foundation to fully and evenly cover a face. Aside from this, the spray pattern registers less, especially on high-definition camera compared to the lines or streaks that make-up brushes and sponges usually leave behind. Airbrush make-up application also speeds up the process and it lasts longer, hence reducing the need for retouches.

 Here is one of my works, demonstrating  how airbrush make-up can fully cover-up a birthmark.


Are there different types of airbrush make-up? Which type will be best for me?

There are actually 3 types of airbrush make-up as follows:

  1. The silicone-based formulation is the most common type of airbrush make-up used for weddings. This is actually the formulation I prefer and use the most. It provides a light, dewy finish making the skin appear naturally glowing. It is transfer and water-resistant making it last longer and perfect for bridal work. 
  2. Water-based airbrush make-up is commonly used if you want to achieve a matte finish. It is also recommended if you have highly-sensitive skin. Based on my experience, this type of formulation would not last as long as silicone-based airbrush make-up.
  3. Alcohol-based make-up is usually used for body art, covering tattoos and for special effect make-up.

Why is airbrush make-up more expensive than traditional make-up?

It is simply because the airbrush system and make-up used are more expensive. It also requires the make-up artist to invest on special training courses to hone and develop his/her technical skills in using airbrush make-up. Proper training is required to ensure that the client will enjoy the benefits associated with using Airbrush Make-up.





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